November 24, 2016

"To Alfredo, the King of the noodles": is 1927, and a dedication in italics on two golden cutlery, signed by one of the greatest celebrities of the silent American cinema, consecrates Alfredo Di Lelio as the king of noodles and launches in the world the legend of his restaurant in the center of Rome, Alfredo alla Scrofa, and of the delicious dish that bears his name.


He’s Douglas Fairbanks, one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, thanks to an out of the ordinary talent in the slapstick comedy and the fortunate meeting with one of the first masters of cinema, David W. Griffith. She’s Mary Pickford, his wife from 1920, but first of all one of the most relevant actresses of the time- and one of the most significant in the whole history of the seventh art, so much so as to be at the 24th place in the league of the history of cinema’ biggest stars, compiled by the American Film Institute.


At the peak of their career, also thanks to the films of the United Artists- their production house founded together with Griffith and Charlie Chaplin-, the couple visit Rome, where ate in a characteristic restaurant of the historic center. And here the two star tasted the original noodles created precisely in those years by Alfredo Di Lelio: the dish, simple but at the same time incredibly tasty, gains them to the point that they decide to give the restaurant owner a pair of golden cutlery, a spoon and a fork, with an inscribed dedication.




 The greatest gift to di Lelio and its restaurant, however, Fairbanks and Pickford will do so once back in the United States: there is no interview about their journey in which the couple of celebrities not stories with enthusiasm the wonders of Rome, noodles included. Since that moment, the tables of Alfredo alla Scrofa became a fixed stage for every dinner, whether jet-set celebrities- both Italian or traveling in Italy from all over the world-, artists of international fame or politic personalities. And many of these famous guests are portrayed, smiling and satisfied, in beautiful photos that still adorn the walls of the original restaurant located in via della Scrofa. And even the golden cutlery are still here, sold by di Lelio to the family of the current owners, together with the tradition of a dish is still famous all over the world.






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