Italy in a plate. Original recipe of Fettuccine Alfredo | Alfredo alla Scrofa

November 24, 2016

A story cloaked in legend- with also some controversy-, the admiration of Hollywood star and a simple and very tasty dish that makes genuine ingredients and a meticulous preparation its strengths: when you eat a dish of Alfredo’s noodles, you eat all this and not only. You eat the passion of a man, Alfredo di Lelio, that has made it famous throughout the world his restaurant in via della Scrofa thanks to his cleverness of the stove and the cordiality with which he welcomed customers who came from all over the world. You eat decades of history of worldliness and Roman glamour from when the local became sets stage for every celebrities’ dinner in the Eternal City, also thanks to the great popularity of which this delicious first course enjoys in the world, starting from the United States. You eat the care and dedication to the kitchen and to the art of receiving the diners with which the family that in 1943 has detected the local by di Lelio carries forward the name of this piece of Italian tradition in the heart of the historical center of Rome.


So, how can you prepare the real Alfredo’s noodles? What is the real recipe of a dish that is now fixed presence in the best world restaurants, symbol abroad of Italian cuisine like pizza and lasagna? As already mentioned, the recipe of Alfredo’s noodles is so simple in its composition as appetising and, as in the best recipes, becomes great thanks to the high quality of the ingredients with which it is prepared and the mastery of chef and thickener. In addition to the magical touch of two cutlery in solid gold.


When someone in the restaurant in via della Scrofa orders a plate of Alfredo’s noodles, the chef needs only homemade noodles, fresh parmigiano reggiano and soft, good butter. Butter and Parmesan are laid down in the original Alfredo plate, where noodles are placed when scalded in boiling water for a few moments. At that point, enters the scene the thickener, which with slow continuous and accurate movements, as befits a rite that is celebrated every lunch or dinner, mixes the dough for to perfection with the parmesan cheese that melts, creating a rich and smooth coating on the noodles. All this takes place with the aid of two famous golden cutlery that celebrate the goodness of Alfredo’s noodles, gift of Hollywood’s actors Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, which loved this wonderful first dish known during their honeymoon in Rome, in 1927.


Once ready, the thickener serves the noodles in plates and serves the guests, leaving an abundant portion of noodles in the original flat, ready to be served to the honour guest at the table together with the golden cutlery. So to really understand why this dish has become so famous in the world, is really worth booking a table in the original Alfredo alla Scrofa in via della Scrofa!


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