September 11, 2016

Spacious, elegant and cozy rooms in which dominate the feelings of warmth of wood parquet flooring and walls and the luminous whiteness of the dishes and the tablecloths with which they are dressed the refined tables. Also thanks to an always professional and impeccable welcome, once closed the door on one of the historic center of Rome’s most famous streets, you enter in the restaurant that represents a piece of history among the Roman ones, the one in which it was born one of the more famous dishes of Italian culinary tradition in the world: we are at 104 of via della Scrofa, at the real Alfredo alla Scrofa.


The history of this famous Roman restaurant begins over a century ago, in 1914, when Alfredo di Lelio signs a contract to transform a wine shop without kitchen- existing since 1907- in what in a few years will become a set stop for every tourist visiting Rome and a meeting point for all celebrities’ dinners in the Eternal City. Such a success also comes from the invention, in the Twenties, of the famous Alfredo’s Noodles, a dish as simple as tasty that still today is presented and served to guests following precise gestures, almost a rite, from thickening processes at the moment in which it is served for guests. Di Lelio will remain in the restaurant that bears his name until 1943, the year in which he sells it to the current owners’s granparents, those that still give honor to the tradition born between those ancient walls.


To witness to the fact that it is precisely here, in this restaurant, that these noodles are born, a series of documents handed down to new owners together with the local and all its contents, including a historic pair of golden cutlery with dedication, a spoon and a fork: it was donated in 1927 to di Lelio by Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, famous couple of silent American cinema’s actors, who ate in the restaurant in via della Scrofa during their honeymoon in Rome and felt in love with these delicious noodles, to the point of wanting to give to the major restaurateur something that should testify their appreciation.


These cutlery are still here and are an integral and wonderfully scenic part of the rite of thickening process that makes it unique the Alfredo’s Noodles: to witness to the fact that it is here that is born that dish known throughout the world as a symbol of the good Italian food, despite the many stories built in art a lot of years later to give the title of the place of birth to other restaurants in Rome.

Testimonies also given by dozens of photographs and autographed portraits that decorate the walls of the restaurants: from Sophia Loren to Audrey Hepburn, from Frank Sinatra to Dean Martin, from Ringo Starr to Andrea Bocelli, from Clark Gable to Aldo Fabrizi, from Sandro Pertini of Greta Garbo, there is celebrity staying in Rome that had not dinner in the restaurant loved by Hollywood star, accepted by di Lelio himself or by the family that has collected his inheritance and works every day to keep this myth alive.




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