Love, friendship, passion and sharing. This is the modern tale of Alfredo alla Scrofa.

It was 1914 when Alfredo Di Lelio took over the historical Wine and Food Osteria in Via della Scrofa. A new beginning and a brand new name. Alfredo Alla Scrofa it’s born.

Just a little later a second unexpected beginning. The birth of Fettuccine Alfredo. 100 years of this recipe, that became an icon of Italy worldwide. Entering today in Alfredo alla Scrofa Restaurant is like to cross the time doors. An historical gallery of famous people from those times since today. This is what we want to tell you through the walls of our restaurant.


The 5th of May 1943.  Rome in under bombing attack while Alfredo and his only two waiters were sitting at a table : Giuseppe Mozzetti and Ubaldo Salvadori. They were facing as big as a war, enclosed in few pages that will ensure the change of ownership from Alfredo to the two you guys. A challenge that they won with love and passion for the restaurant and Fettuccine Alfredo. After 78 years, the heirs of these two waiters are running the business. Veronica Salvadori and Mario Mozzetti carry these legacy on their shoulders, partecipating, daily, to this centenary love story.

the art of “mantecatura”, making the famous cream for the Fettuccine, has not get lost in time, quite the opposite. Thanks to the commitment of the two families, every day it is possible to live again this tradition, in front of our owns eyes. And you could also have the opportunity to eat them with the famous “gloden cutlery”

Piazzetta Alfredo

Non even tho world wars have stopped these families. The Covid Lockdown still did not stop the two owners.  Recovering the outdoor area in front of the Restaurant, a no man land completely abandoned, Mario Mozzetti e Veronica Salvatori have given to Rome the “PIazzetta Alfredo”. A stunning “dehors”in the very heat of Rome, to enjoy “en plein air” Alfredo alla Scrofa specialties.

A love story, that is living for more then 100 years

Mirko Moglioni

Executive Chef

Born in Tivoli, Chef Mirko Moglioni, makes his first steps in the famous Adriano Restaurant to move then to “ceppo” kitchen and many consultations in japan, USA and Cannes. Later he start to work in “Antico Arco” restaurant and then he begin is teaching career. In 2016 he is the executive chef at Margutta Vegetarian Food & art. Since 2020 he is the executive Chef of Alfredo alla Scrofa Restaurant

Carlo Paragona

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant manager Carlo Paragona start at ALfredo alla Scrofa in 2020, passionate for this new adventure and proud to be part of the rebirth of the great culinary tradition of Rome. Born in Rome, he strengthens his passion for cuisine and service with remarkable results in London, in Rome in “SEttembrini” and in Niko Romito “Spazio” of Rome. His mission? He believes that the service must move in harmony, like an orchestra many different instruments.