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Privileges of Incentive Alfredo alla Scrofa, allows to enter all that represents the Alfredo's world, and recive awlecome result of more than one hundred years of experience and passion.Access to the Incentive Alfredo alla Scrofa, not only makes easy, fast and secure your booking, but ensures your customers an even more careful and meticulous service, the possibility to choose from a very complete range of personalized Menù, and an unlimited series of advantages such as culinary gift, discounts, and enter the Shop of Alfredo's Gallery to buy our carefully selected products with special discounts.

Benefits for your customers
Al members of your group will receive a gift from Alfredo's Gallery collection. Your guests can buy the products in the web Shop section with a 20% discount. Everyone in your group will have the possibility to return to eating the original fettuccine Alfredo with a 20% discount.

Service for your customers
Directly by Alfredo's discendants, the fascinating and romantic story of the original fettuccine Alfredo, invented in the Twenties exactly in via della Scrofa 104/a, as a tribute of love for his wife. A host specified by you will have the exclusive honor to taste the original fettuccine Alfredo, with the historical Gold Tableware, how the tradition passed down by the famous Hollywood actors Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. All your guests will have the honor to sign the historic Guestbook that began in 1928 with the dedication of the famous italian actor Ettore Petrolini to the mastery of Alfredo.

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Origins and history


In Rome in the early 1900s, Alfredo has opened the doors of his inn in via della Scrofa 104, beginning a long history of over 100 years. In 1907 in his historical and traditional inn in the heart of Rome, from  Alfredo’s passions for cooking and theatre, from his ability to prepare simple meals and special tastes, and from the spectacular scene in serving it, with his thick and unmistakable mustache, born the myth of inimitable fettuccine Alfredo. In a short time the majestic, original and irresistible fettuccine Alfredo crossed the borders of Rome to achieve international acclaim and become one of the masterpieces of world cuisine. To make immortal the tastes of fettuccine Alfredo, were also the stories of Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, two film stars of Hollywood,who tasted this plate, Alfredo’s famous cusine, in the restaurant in via della Scrofa during their honeymoon.   The tradition of Alfredo continues Time passes, and on May 5th 1943 Alfredo decided to sell the Inn, for the simple sum of 100.000 liras, with the certainty that he had forwarded the dream of his life in […]

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